Are you tired of your old reclining sofa that does not meet the comfort that your bad back needs? A sofa needs to be very comfortable, not the other way around. This is one of the reasons why you are considering discarding your old top-rated leather recliners, am I right? Wait! There is more that you can do to it.

When you have a bad back, one of the first things that come to mind is to relax. And the most comfortable way of doing it is by sitting. Now, how can you sit comfortably of you don’t like even the most top rated leather recliners in the world?

The answer to this probably is to content to what you have in your home, isn’t it? That doesn’t even come close to justifying your means for sure. But don’t lose hope just yet. Your old trusted divan at home can be turned into the best chair for bad back at home take a look at these steps.

Here are 10 best reclining sofa makeover ideas you can do at home.

  1. Throw in cool throw pillows

A reclining sofa without cool throw pillows can be considered bare and boring. You can start throwing in your customized throw pillows for a change. Having a lot of them in your sofa makes your every sitting worthwhile. Having your most favorite throw pillows every time you rest your behind on your reclining sofa is like having a top rated leather recliners at home.

  1. Experiment with colors

It’s not a bad thing to customize your reclining sofa’s color with your mood. During summer, for example, you can do a little research about dip-dying and you can use it to produce an unending possibility of exciting colors on your sofa covers. Just use a little imagination and a little amount of time and you’re done!

In fact, nothing could be more rewarding than sitting comfortably on your newly retouched settee after a hard day’s work.

  1. The magic of throw blankets

Searching for the best chair for bad back at home can be a tedious task for almost anybody. Using your old sofa, though, you can use materials as simple as a throw blanket to have an instantaneous makeover.

Throw blankets on your sofa does a lot of things. It can cover visible stains as well as rips on the surface of your sofa. It can also be used as body covering for warmth as the need arises.

Try doing this and see for yourself how magical is the change that this seemingly simple trick can do to your reclining sofa.

  1. Leg work

Do you have a draped leg sofa at home? If you feel that your sofa has put on a little more dress, strip it up a little. Who knows? Unwrapping your concealed reclining sofa legs is the only thing keeping you from appreciating it.

Get a pair of pliers and a cutter and rip them boring sofa leg covering apart. Sometimes the most beautiful objects can only be found hiding just in plain sight.

Aside from stripping your sofa’s legs, you can also experiment a little with wheels. Adding one on each sofa leg helps moving it easier. This will help a lot, especially for those who have a bad back.

  1. Wood staining

If you have a reclining sofa with a bare wooden armrests and legs, this is the best time for you to unleash your artistic side.

Run to your local hardware store. Grab your preferred wood stain tone, a pair of fine paint brushes, some 80- and 120-grit sandpaper and start making wonders on your old sofa.

Remove all the parts you can remove first. Sand using the 80-grit sandpaper first. Finish sanding with the finer 120-grit sandpaper. Wipe all the wooden surfaces that you have sanded clean. Start staining the wood using your paint brush, wait until it dries, and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Remember that there is an unlimited way to make your reclining sofa look good again. A damaged one is the worst that you can have in your home. But haste not in letting them go. There is a lot of ways that you can do to it.

If you think that you don’t have the skill to do it, don’t worry, nobody will tease you for trying. You are doing it for your own good after all. You can get a lot of help online. Just let your fingers do the walking.

Doing your reclining sofa makeover at home is fun and less expensive even with top rated leather recliners. So pamper your bad back. Start turning your old reclining sofa into the best chair for bad back at home now.



Spinners and ADHD

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Health and Medicine

Do you have a fidgety child? There is a great probability that your child has this condition called ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As complex as it sounds, ADHD is not a chronic, let alone a debilitating ailment.

According to a 2011 survey, the number of children within the age bracket of 4 up to 17 years old affected by ADHD have reached 6.4 million in the USA alone. This number will significantly rise keeping into account all the cases around the world. Children with this condition are observed to be hyperactive. They generally have trouble paying attention, especially during classes. This creates a chain reaction in a certain environment where the child with ADHD is at the time. When the affected child is inside the classroom, his or her classmates could not help but notice the child’s restlessness, which in turn affects how the other students’ behavior. This behavior will not also go unnoticed by his or her teacher. More often than not, a child suffering from ADHD will be scolded for this.

Parents, fret not yet. Don’t scold yourself just yet for having a child with this condition. A recent study found out that hyperactive children can perform good in school while they are doing their thing: fidgeting.

Instead of discouraging your child to stop doing extra movements inside the classroom, which could be a hindrance to his ability to learn, why not go the other way and give him something where he could focus his hyperactive impulses?

One thing that you can help your child is by giving him a spinner. It is a scientifically designed toy for children suffering from ADHD. With the help of a fidget toy, the perceived negative effect of the child with ADHD inside the classroom and wherever he may be will significantly be reversed.

Since the excessive movement and irrelevant activity of the child with ADHD is the one that affects every other child in the classroom, a fidget toy or a spinner will prove very helpful. This allows the child to do his fidgeting while reducing his other bodily activities at the same time.

In order to understand our child’s fidgeting behavior more, we should take ADHD symptoms not as a disadvantage but as an advantage. This is one way of helping your child mentally. If you do this, it creates a deeper connection between your child and you. This kind of relationship will help both you and your child cope with the situation.

Having ADHD is stressful to children who have it. This is definitely true when his teacher forces him to stop doing what he does best. Since we know that children who has this symptom have difficulty restraining their movements, we should look for a subtle way in getting them do what we want them to do. Giving your child a spinner is a subtle way to do it.

Spinners work in many advantageous ways for both the child who has ADHD and to the people around him. First, the child’s attention could focus on his teacher, while still allowing him to fidget. Second, it lessens his other physical activities, such as roaming around the classroom, pulling the hair of his classmates, squirming in his chair as if it has a fire underneath, and excessive talking. Third, through a spinner, the child doubles his learning activity because a child with ADHD lessens his ability to learn when not on the move. By giving your child a spinner, you not only give him a chance to do his thing, but you also give him an additional bonus by allowing him to stay focused at the same time.

Since we already know what spinners can do to our child suffering from ADHD, the next best thing to do is just to let them do their thing, especially in school. We should always see to it that our child always have something in their hands, such as a spinner, in order for them to cope with their urge to move. Also, aside from supporting our child through spinners, maybe we should start thinking about educating other people about our child’s condition, too. This way we are making our child’s world bigger and better. Helping other people understand what ADHD is would make them more tolerant towards our child’s behavior. If we do this, we are paving a wider way for our children to move. We should not force our child to stop making unnecessary movements. Give them something that could help them become more productive instead. Get your child a spinner and give yourself a break.

Check for the many spinner designs online.

A garden in bloom is a gardener’s ultimate dream. For them, nothing could be more pleasing to the eye than seeing their plants grow healthy and beautiful.

Seeing a beautiful garden in the morning can lift spirits up. Having a garden, however, is not just a walk in the park. It is, for the most part, time-consuming and labor intensive. You also have to invest in a lot of gardening equipment for you to properly take care of it. One of these tools that you should invest into is a garden sprayer.

Buying one will be easier if you do your garden sprayer homework first. To start this tiresome quest, all you need is to narrow down your choices to only the most worthy products.

Here are the top 10 best garden sprayers that will suit your need this 2017.

10. Smith Performance Sprayer

It is a 3.5-gallon garden sprayer made from AISI-304 stainless steel. It is compact, sturdy, and non-corrosive. It is built to resist wear and tear from rigorous everyday use for a long time.

It is not only tough. You can also replace any part that needs replacing in minutes, giving you more time to tend for your garden.

9. Smith Contractor

With its 2-gallon capacity, this garden sprayer is handy. This is an all-around sprayer tool suitable to be used for weed killers, herbicides, and other strong chemicals.

This is one garden sprayer you should check out if you don’t want to own different types of sprayers for different kinds of work.

8. Solo 418 One-Hand Pressure Sprayer

This is an ideal garden sprayer for you if you want comfort. With its 1-liter capacity, spraying your garden is not that hard anymore.

With its multi-directional nozzle, you can just basically aim and spray at any direction without the need for re-positioning yourself. You can easily and comfortably do your job with this one.

7. Chapin 61900 Tree and Turf Pro

This garden sprayer is ideal for big plants. With its knapsack design, you can easily put it on your back and carry it with you for a more comfortable spraying job. It has a 4-gallon tank capacity that cuts the need for frequent refilling.

With a wide lid opening, you can easily clean it after every use. If you have a large garden, this garden sprayer is for you.

6. Xpro Coby Handheld Garden Pressure Sprayer

This handy yet strong pressurized garden sprayer easily beats other garden sprayer when it comes to handiness. With a capacity of just 0.3 liters, you can use without having to use much of your strength just for spraying. It is also built to hold most strong solutions.

If you are not a fan of bulky sprayers with long wands, this tiny garden sprayer wonder is perfectly just for you.

5. Smith 190285 Bleach and Chemical Sprayer

This is another ingenious Smith creation. This is built to withstand very strong solutions and designed to be used is very-hard-to-reach areas. You can use it on your other commercial cleaning needs as well.

Using this pressurized garden sprayer is just as easy as A-B-C. Fill, increase the pressure, aim, and spray.

4. Chapin 20000 Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer

With its 1-gallon capacity and strong polymer body, all your spraying needs are neatly covered. It is handy, easy to use, and compact. It also comes with a funnel top for effortless cleaning and filling.

Don’t worry about harsh chemicals anymore. This amazing garden sprayer from Chapin got you all covered.

3. Smith Contractor

With its 2-gallon capacity, this garden sprayer is handy. This is an all-around sprayer tool suitable to be used for weed killers, herbicides, and other strong chemicals.

This is one garden sprayer you should check out if you don’t want to own different types of sprayers for different kinds of work.

2. Chapin 20002 Poly Lawn and Garden Sprayer

This all-in-one garden sprayer has a versatility that is hard to beat. You can use it with most harsh chemicals and it is also light-weight. Carrying this one is easy because of its ergonomic handle design.

With just a 2-liter capacity, this garden sprayer is a good addition to your gardening implements. It also comes with a clog-free filter giving you a smooth, clog-free spraying.

1.Field King Professional

With safety in mind, Field King built this backpack sprayer with an internal tank. This is to prevent any chemical from keeping in contact with the skin. It is also very versatile. You can use it for your herbicide and pesticide needs.

This is ideal for use in large areas, such as lawns and any other commercial spraying needs. This one is also built tough to withstand any harsh conditions.

So there you are. Check out each and every item on this list. I already made buying your garden sprayer needs easier for you.


The hottest television craze today is the high-tech Ultra-HD or Ultra-High Definition TV aptly named 4K TV. It has an ability to display four times more vivid images (8 million pixels) than its standard HD TV forerunner at 3840 x 2160 screen resolution. This is not just an ordinary feat because most TV sets today still has the mainstream 1920 x 1080 pixel screen resolutions. True-blooded HD TV users really know how clear that difference is.

Now, the real challenge for 4K TV fanatics out there is how to get their money’s worth out of it. You can easily be left wading in the ocean of 4K TV products in the market right now, let alone decide what to buy amidst a sea of promises their manufacturers have to say about them. When you plan to buy the most reasonable TV set for yourself, you have to consider many things first hand.

We all know that when a new technology invades the market, it carries with it a sky-high price tag. But it does not mean that you cannot get what you really want anymore just because of the figures attached to them.

Before hitting the “Add to Cart” button from your favorite online retailer store or before plucking out one of your many plastics in your wallet, do your assignment first. I bet you also don’t want to regret what you get at the end of the day, aren’t you?

So, here are the three most important things you should consider to save the most greens from buying a 4K TV as possible.

First, you have to understand that 4K TVs are designed to have a crisper or more vivid display than its older standard HD TV cousins. Don’t settle for a 4K TV without a HDR stamped to it. HDR or High-Dynamic Range ensures you that your new TV set really has the capacity to display the resolution of a 4K TV. Be warned that many TVs labeled as 4K TV don’t really meet the minimum requirements set by the association formed by TV manufacturers. Falling into this sweet sugar-coated marketing trick will leave you paying more than what you are really getting.

Second, after getting a little techie with it, don’t jump for it right away. The best time to buy your dream 4K TV is during special occasions, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas season, and summer holidays. Almost all major electronic retail stores offer big, big discounts during these times. Wait for these kinds of opportunities to arrive. This is to avoid blaming yourself for buying the same 4K TV set 25% higher because you bought it a day before the intended mark down period.

Lastly, there are big TV manufacturers out there that don’t give a crap about what is inside their 4K TV sets. You can find one feature on this brand not present on the other. Yet the latter is pricier than the former just because it has a famous brand attached to it. Don’t get yourself stuck on the ever-escalating brand war. It won’t hurt you if you settle for a lesser-known brand with a lower price tag but has all the minimum requirements of a 4K TV for optimum performance than paying for a set that only sells its brand name actually.

With your little buying assignment done, you can now put your mind at ease. Just wait for the right moment to arrive.

Stone Man Syndrome

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Health and Medicine

When we hear about the word “disease,” chances are we don’t bother about it that much anymore due to our advanced medical technology at the moment. We usually associate cancer, leukemia, heart conditions, and many other common medical conditions to this word. But what about rare and mysterious conditions that pop out every now and then?

Stone Man Syndrome or fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva sounds more like a title of a song or a fictional character created by a frustrated fiction writer. But this medical condition is a true-to-life disorder, which literally turns its host into bones. This rare medical anomaly, which was first described by John Freke, a surgeon at London’s St. Bartholomew Hospital in 1736, slowly replaces the patient’s muscle and connective tissues, ligaments, and tendons with bones. Because of ossification, these tissues and body parts basically become bones on top of the body’s skeletal system or extra-skeletal bone. Considering the placement of ossified tissues, the patient is rendered immobile by this disease.

Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva or FOP can already be detected during the early childhood stage of the patient. The disease starts developing from the neck down to the very limbs. Because of its very rare nature, the medical anomaly is still being studied by medical researchers until today.

Only around 3,300 people have been known to have this disease all over the world today.

The best physical evidence of this disease can be found in the Mutter Museum located in Philadelphia. It is the skeleton of Harry Raymond Eastlack. When he was just a 5-year-old boy, Eastlack fractured his leg. Not long after, it was discovered that his thigh muscles were being replaced by bones. The bony growth continued developing to the point that all his vertebrae had been joined together by it. Harry Raymond Eastlack, however, did not die because of this disease. He died of pneumonia just 4 days before he turned 40 years old. At the time of his death, his entire body was affected by the disease, even his jaw. Eastlack made a pact with the museum, where his skeleton remains to this day, to give his body to them after his death. The museum kept their promise and Eastlack’s remains are still kept in the museum since his death in 1973.

One tell-tale sign of fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva or the stone man syndrome can already be seen during birth. It is characterized by an abnormally formed big toe. Aside from this, shorter thumbs at birth may also be a possible tell-tale sign of the disease.

According to a recent breakthrough in medical research, the disease, which is often fatal, is the result of a mutated gene ACVR1. In normal conditions, this gene controls the production of transmembrane receptor, a protein in the surface of a cell. When mutated, though, this gene becomes sensitive to the presence of another protein, activin A, which makes it to function in an agitated manner instead of being controlled and relaxed.

A New Identity

Marriage, as a universal practice, has been around since time immemorial and was already known for its many faces. Recently, however, marriage has yet again gained another notoriety.

World View

Every culture in the world has beliefs regarding marriage. For instance, there are some who believe that marriage is not meant solely for procreation purposes. Instead, they accept that marriage indicative of love should also be granted—regardless of sex. Although the practice is as old as civilization itself, it is just recently that it has gone mainstream.

For some, marriage is simply an evasion of life’s inequities, thus, prompting them to hop on a married bandwagon without even thinking the price they are going to pay. There are also those who believe that marriage is a guarantee that they will not live their lives in solitude as they grow older; plain companionship if you will. The true essence of marriage in this regard is not easy to determine. It looks as if that the true essence of marriage provides more questions rather than definitive answers.

Underlying Motives

There are a lot of motives that could lead into marriage. The most common ones are love, religious beliefs, and financial motives.

Although love between two opposite sexes still appears to be the greatest motive for marriage, it is now slowly turning into a thing of the past. Today, a lot of men are forced to marry a woman because of inevitable circumstances. One of these is pregnancy. It is one of the most common things happening in our society today. Forced marriage by far is also the number one cause of broken marriages.

Whatever motive is there behind every marriage, it is assumed that the man and the woman or partners so to speak should understand and support each other in whatever way they can.

Man’s Will Versus Sanctity of Marriage

Under the divine and natural laws, marriage, in its unadulterated sense is a union between a man and a woman with the sole purpose to procreate. It is made possible by rites unique to every culture. The rites performed, however, cannot guarantee a lifelong tie between partners. Some marriage is lasting, but some breaks even before the rites have commenced. In other words, will is still and forever will be a threat to the sanctity of marriage.

Many religious groups around the world including Muslims and Christians believe in the sanctity of marriage. It is a must for these groups that a man and a woman should be married first before living together under the same roof. As a norm for these groups, without the sanctity of marriage, the act of living together by opposite sexes, taking the life of  husband and wife, is against both moral and divine laws.

Society also plays an important role in marriage. Matrimony is supposed to be a choice. But for some, they simply cannot choose despite the presence of numerous options. This is because their marriage has already been arranged. Many cultures still hold on to this kind of practice. More often than not, this practice is done out of financial security. This completes the trinity of the purpose of marriage—procreation, love, and pride. I am not in the right position to judge, anyway.

At the End of the Day

Marriage is designed to make partners become one with each other. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. There is no such thing as half marriage or partially married for that matter. Couples who have carried on with their married life until the end are the ones who have fully understood the true essence of marriage.