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Are you tired of your old reclining sofa that does not meet the comfort that your bad back needs? A sofa needs to be very comfortable, not the other way around. This is one of the reasons why you are considering discarding your old top-rated leather recliners, am I right? Wait! There is more that you can do to it.

When you have a bad back, one of the first things that come to mind is to relax. And the most comfortable way of doing it is by sitting. Now, how can you sit comfortably of you don’t like even the most top rated leather recliners in the world?

The answer to this probably is to content to what you have in your home, isn’t it? That doesn’t even come close to justifying your means for sure. But don’t lose hope just yet. Your old trusted divan at home can be turned into the best chair for bad back at home take a look at these steps.

Here are 10 best reclining sofa makeover ideas you can do at home.

  1. Throw in cool throw pillows

A reclining sofa without cool throw pillows can be considered bare and boring. You can start throwing in your customized throw pillows for a change. Having a lot of them in your sofa makes your every sitting worthwhile. Having your most favorite throw pillows every time you rest your behind on your reclining sofa is like having a top rated leather recliners at home.

  1. Experiment with colors

It’s not a bad thing to customize your reclining sofa’s color with your mood. During summer, for example, you can do a little research about dip-dying and you can use it to produce an unending possibility of exciting colors on your sofa covers. Just use a little imagination and a little amount of time and you’re done!

In fact, nothing could be more rewarding than sitting comfortably on your newly retouched settee after a hard day’s work.

  1. The magic of throw blankets

Searching for the best chair for bad back at home can be a tedious task for almost anybody. Using your old sofa, though, you can use materials as simple as a throw blanket to have an instantaneous makeover.

Throw blankets on your sofa does a lot of things. It can cover visible stains as well as rips on the surface of your sofa. It can also be used as body covering for warmth as the need arises.

Try doing this and see for yourself how magical is the change that this seemingly simple trick can do to your reclining sofa.

  1. Leg work

Do you have a draped leg sofa at home? If you feel that your sofa has put on a little more dress, strip it up a little. Who knows? Unwrapping your concealed reclining sofa legs is the only thing keeping you from appreciating it.

Get a pair of pliers and a cutter and rip them boring sofa leg covering apart. Sometimes the most beautiful objects can only be found hiding just in plain sight.

Aside from stripping your sofa’s legs, you can also experiment a little with wheels. Adding one on each sofa leg helps moving it easier. This will help a lot, especially for those who have a bad back.

  1. Wood staining

If you have a reclining sofa with a bare wooden armrests and legs, this is the best time for you to unleash your artistic side.

Run to your local hardware store. Grab your preferred wood stain tone, a pair of fine paint brushes, some 80- and 120-grit sandpaper and start making wonders on your old sofa.

Remove all the parts you can remove first. Sand using the 80-grit sandpaper first. Finish sanding with the finer 120-grit sandpaper. Wipe all the wooden surfaces that you have sanded clean. Start staining the wood using your paint brush, wait until it dries, and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Remember that there is an unlimited way to make your reclining sofa look good again. A damaged one is the worst that you can have in your home. But haste not in letting them go. There is a lot of ways that you can do to it.

If you think that you don’t have the skill to do it, don’t worry, nobody will tease you for trying. You are doing it for your own good after all. You can get a lot of help online. Just let your fingers do the walking.

Doing your reclining sofa makeover at home is fun and less expensive even with top rated leather recliners. So pamper your bad back. Start turning your old reclining sofa into the best chair for bad back at home now.