The Human Body: A Great Masterpiece

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Current Issues

Our human body is still one of the greatest mysteries of this world. A countless number of hours has already been spent in studying it, but a lot of our body parts are still a mystery until now. Their mysterious existence still eludes explanation even with the help of the most advanced technology available to humans right now.

From the moment a baby is conceived until its birth, some changes are constantly happening inside the womb. And, as the baby develops into a grown up man, still a lot of mysterious events occur inside its body. One of the most obvious is the fusion of a child’s bone. A baby has more than 300 bones at birth, but only 206 of them remains at the time that child turns into an adult.

The objective of this article is to let you know some exciting and impressive parts of the human body.

The body’s window

The human eye is said to be the window of the human body. It enables us to see the beauty of things around us. As simple as it looks, yet our eye is one of the most unusual parts of our body. First, as the rest of our body parts grow either in length, weight or width, our eyes are the only parts of our body that don’t change. The size of our eyes will remain unchanged from birth to death. Also, the cornea, a transparent part of the eye covering the pupil and the iris is the only body part that doesn’t have blood circulating in it. Next, the eyes are so amazing that it can see a candle light at a distance of 14 miles. The eye also blinks by its own if it sees something about to hit it. Lastly, our eyes blink at an average of 27,397 times each day. Now beat that!

The body’s engine

Our body will die if its ultimate machine–the heart–stops working. To have an idea of how big your heart is, imagine how big your fist was when you were still a child. Your fist during your childhood days is just as big as your heart. But as we grow older, our heart grows to almost the size of our two fists folded together. It may be relatively small compared to our body’s size, yet it can do great things. First, our heart beats approximately 100,000 times each day. That is a whopping 35,000,000 heartbeats in one year. In a lifetime, an average person will have 2.5 billion heart beats! What a feat!

A lot of puzzles

Each and every part of our body is unique. Every organ is placed correctly on their specific spots so that they can do their part. Each one does amazing things we could never have imagined. Although our body is made up of various parts, yet all of them functions as one. From our head to our toe, many amazing things are taking place in a synchronized manner. In fact, we don’t know that this stuff is happening.

The more we know about our body, the more it becomes mysterious to us. It seems that no genius is capable of solving the greatest puzzle of all time–the human body. Truly, our body is one of the most major works of art: a masterpiece.


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