Spinners and ADHD

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Health and Medicine

Do you have a fidgety child? There is a great probability that your child has this condition called ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. As complex as it sounds, ADHD is not a chronic, let alone a debilitating ailment.

According to a 2011 survey, the number of children within the age bracket of 4 up to 17 years old affected by ADHD have reached 6.4 million in the USA alone. This number will significantly rise keeping into account all the cases around the world. Children with this condition are observed to be hyperactive. They generally have trouble paying attention, especially during classes. This creates a chain reaction in a certain environment where the child with ADHD is at the time. When the affected child is inside the classroom, his or her classmates could not help but notice the child’s restlessness, which in turn affects how the other students’ behavior. This behavior will not also go unnoticed by his or her teacher. More often than not, a child suffering from ADHD will be scolded for this.

Parents, fret not yet. Don’t scold yourself just yet for having a child with this condition. A recent study found out that hyperactive children can perform good in school while they are doing their thing: fidgeting.

Instead of discouraging your child to stop doing extra movements inside the classroom, which could be a hindrance to his ability to learn, why not go the other way and give him something where he could focus his hyperactive impulses?

One thing that you can help your child is by giving him a spinner. It is a scientifically designed toy for children suffering from ADHD. With the help of a fidget toy, the perceived negative effect of the child with ADHD inside the classroom and wherever he may be will significantly be reversed.

Since the excessive movement and irrelevant activity of the child with ADHD is the one that affects every other child in the classroom, a fidget toy or a spinner will prove very helpful. This allows the child to do his fidgeting while reducing his other bodily activities at the same time.

In order to understand our child’s fidgeting behavior more, we should take ADHD symptoms not as a disadvantage but as an advantage. This is one way of helping your child mentally. If you do this, it creates a deeper connection between your child and you. This kind of relationship will help both you and your child cope with the situation.

Having ADHD is stressful to children who have it. This is definitely true when his teacher forces him to stop doing what he does best. Since we know that children who has this symptom have difficulty restraining their movements, we should look for a subtle way in getting them do what we want them to do. Giving your child a spinner is a subtle way to do it.

Spinners work in many advantageous ways for both the child who has ADHD and to the people around him. First, the child’s attention could focus on his teacher, while still allowing him to fidget. Second, it lessens his other physical activities, such as roaming around the classroom, pulling the hair of his classmates, squirming in his chair as if it has a fire underneath, and excessive talking. Third, through a spinner, the child doubles his learning activity because a child with ADHD lessens his ability to learn when not on the move. By giving your child a spinner, you not only give him a chance to do his thing, but you also give him an additional bonus by allowing him to stay focused at the same time.

Since we already know what spinners can do to our child suffering from ADHD, the next best thing to do is just to let them do their thing, especially in school. We should always see to it that our child always have something in their hands, such as a spinner, in order for them to cope with their urge to move. Also, aside from supporting our child through spinners, maybe we should start thinking about educating other people about our child’s condition, too. This way we are making our child’s world bigger and better. Helping other people understand what ADHD is would make them more tolerant towards our child’s behavior. If we do this, we are paving a wider way for our children to move. We should not force our child to stop making unnecessary movements. Give them something that could help them become more productive instead. Get your child a spinner and give yourself a break.

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