Boracay: A Paradise in Distress

Posted: April 28, 2017 in Current Issues

The immaculate white sands that line the seashores of the island of Boracay are like tiny stars lifted down from the sky and laid down perfectly on where they are right now. It is a true gift of nature that awes if not mystifies its observers. Considered as one of the most stunning beaches in the world, Boracay Island is the Philippines’ number one summer get-away. It not only converge people of all races, it also provides calm to a stressed spirit.

Humble beginnings

The name ‘Boracay’ has many origins, depending on whom you are to ask. But the most famous among all the legends is that the name ‘Boracay’ came from a local dialect ‘borac’ which means ‘cotton.’ The name of the island is a fitting description to the beauty of its unrivaled white sands.

Unknown to most people, the blinding whiteness of Boracay Island’s white sand beaches were once home to the “Ati’s” – a tribe native to the Philippines having black skin and curly hair. They are considered as the ancestors of the Filipinos. The color of an “Ati” provides a perfect contrast to the glistening white sands of Boracay.

A peace disrupted

The native inhabitants of Boracay Island once lived there in peace and in accordance with nature. The accord was disrupted, however, when an enterprising wealthy couple started acquiring large chunks of the island, turning them into a private property. They cultivated the land lining them with coconuts and other fruit-bearing trees. Other people with the same interests further divided the island into themselves. This event made the natives a stranger to their own land.

Paradise discovered

A few decades later, in 1970, the island was introduced into the world when it was made into a location of an international film. This caught the attention of backpackers from all over the world. Tourism slowly started to alter the island’s landscape from a tranquil abode into a place teeming with people of different colors. The island became a favorite venue for vacationers and businessmen alike. Its beachfront is not only dotted with trees, but also with prominent structures such as hotels, restaurants, and cottages. Its waters are filled with almost all kinds of water sport facilities providing vacationers the thrill of their lives. The fun never seems to stop in the while-lined island of Boracay.

Paradise lost?

As time goes by, Boracay Island’s reputation as a world-class tourist destination is cemented anywhere in the world. An endless flood of tourists can be seen enjoying the beauty of Boracay beaches round the clock. As people come to the island to enjoy, however, not all of them seem to care for it. A variety of garbage thrown by whoever is guilty is now slowly ruining the beauty of the once shining shores of the island. The island’s wildlife is also slowly suffering from the disturbance brought about by the inquisitive activities of many tourists.

As quickly as it became famous, it is not far from the truth that the island’s beaches will also quickly become one of the most awful and most polluted beaches in the world in no time. Surely, a time will come for the island to become just part of history. A time when people can only visit the once stunning island in a book, a paradise lost.

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