10 Rules to Optimize My Inbox

Posted: April 28, 2017 in "How To" Guides

Do you have an email? I bet, one of the first things you have in mind after jumping out of bed is to check your inbox, right? But how frustrating it is to see that your inbox is peppered not only with notifications coming from your electric, cable, and water providers, but also with mind-blowing spam mails that you don’t even know where they are all coming from. You are not alone. Most of the people with emails do.

This is so annoying because the very thing that you depend on with your daily transactions is also the one draining the nuts out of you.

So, how will you keep your inbox optimized to avoid another snapping out episode? These 10 rules on how to keep your inbox organized will help you save your day. Read on.

  1. Classify Your Emails

Every email that finds their way into your inbox can be classified. Start by monitoring them one-by-one and start putting labels on them as you go. Then refine your email’s filter. Use it to your advantage. I know you cannot do this at once because there are some emails that don’t come every day. You can slowly do this during your free time, though. Do this and at the end of each day you will be amazed by what you have accomplished so far.

  1. Delete Unwarranted Emails

After doing the first step, what is left in your inbox probably are those emails not needing equally meticulous attention. After skimming through them, you will have an educated guess what kind of emails they could be. Follow your instinct this time. If left undecided, give them another pass and delete right after.

  1. Stay Away from “Subscribe” Buttons

This is by far one of the most recurring mistakes of every email user. You see there are a multitude of people in the web who are very good at encouraging people. When you read something online, especially newsletters that somehow makes you feel associated with it, chances are you are going to click on the “Subscribe” button right on that page. The moment you do it, you are trapped. You don’t know how many of those buttons you have clicked in a month’s time until you see your inbox teeming with subscribed emails. Clicking on that magic button is like accepting friend invites on your social media account.

  1. Unsubscribe

Now that you have learned your lessons the hard way, start significantly reducing the volume of emails that seep through your inbox every day. Open your subscribed emails one by one. Treat each one as a new-found friend. This will make your decision-making a bit easier. There are only two things that they can bring to you, though—good or bad. If you think that you are benefiting from that particular email, save it. Click the “Unsubscribe” button if you think it’s not giving you any good at all. I’m sure you will thank yourself for doing it.

  1. Keep Your Contacts In Check

Again, this is one of the things that is taken for granted most of the time by email users. More often than not, people give their email address to almost everyone they know: friends, colleagues, and heaven knows who these other people are. Remember that your email address is not your go-to line of communication. You probably have your mobile phone, social media accounts, and even land line that you can use in casual communications. Reserve your email only to important transactions This may sound a peanut, yet it can help you in more significant ways than you can ever imagine.

  1. Make A Regular Email Check

Since we have more or less twelve hours of daylight that we can use at our bidding, it will not make us irrelevant if we save a minute or two, three times a day to check our inboxes. Does it make any sense? We can do it before going out to work or to school every morning, right after lunch, and right after office or school hours in the afternoon. Keeping it up like this will save you ample amount of time than choosing to do it once a week or worst just ignore it totally.

  1. Get Rid of Spooky Spam Mails

Does it sound familiar? Yes, all of us have fallen victim to this one. We would like to avoid spam mails as much as we avoid our former lovey-dovey, isn’t it? We have to get rid of them spam indeed. We may wonder where do all of these spam mails come from once again. One boatload of source for them is where your money is. Checking your bank account online is not as safe as it should be. This is where spammers lurk in order to commit what they know best—spam bombing. The next time you do online banking make sure that your Internet connection is secure. One indication that you are on safe hands while browsing online is to look for the domain prefix “https.” After receiving spam mails, immediately filter them as “Spam.” Doing so will save you a significant inbox space.

  1. Never Unsubscribe to Spam Mails

This may come a little bit odd to you. But be reminded that spammers are there for many reasons. One is to annoy you, and second is to get something from you just to name a few. If the first one happens and you deliberately unsubscribed to your spam mails out of frustration, you will be surprised that instead of dwindling, they keep on coming back more and more. Unsubscribing to spam mails lets the spammer know that your email is a “live” one for that matter. This is the time these weirdos are waiting for. Doing this is a big no, no.

  1. Report Suspicious Emails

Like the one before this list, this may also sound a bit strange. You might ask “How can I report malicious emails, and where?” Like our regular community, the Internet is governed by laws. Where there is law, there is somebody to implement that law as well. Just check with your email’s provider regarding their standing policing policies. Reporting these kinds of activities won’t take up much of your time. Do it while you still can.

  1. Keep Your Password A Secret

The cardinal rule is to never trust anybody when it comes to email passwords. Put it in mind that your best friend could be your worst enemy and vice-versa. Entrusting your password to another person is like putting a ticking time bomb in your own pocket. You will not know when that person will betray you. Your friend enrolling your email to spam mails will be one of your worst nightmares. Be prepared to wake up in an inbox full of trash!

Now that you know how to keep your inbox fully organized, log-in to it and start working on your ten assignments.


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