Marriage: What is the Real Score?

Posted: July 12, 2015 in Current Issues

A New Identity

Marriage, as a universal practice, has been around since time immemorial and was already known for its many faces. Recently, however, marriage has yet again gained another notoriety.

World View

Every culture in the world has beliefs regarding marriage. For instance, there are some who believe that marriage is not meant solely for procreation purposes. Instead, they accept that marriage indicative of love should also be granted—regardless of sex. Although the practice is as old as civilization itself, it is just recently that it has gone mainstream.

For some, marriage is simply an evasion of life’s inequities, thus, prompting them to hop on a married bandwagon without even thinking the price they are going to pay. There are also those who believe that marriage is a guarantee that they will not live their lives in solitude as they grow older; plain companionship if you will. The true essence of marriage in this regard is not easy to determine. It looks as if that the true essence of marriage provides more questions rather than definitive answers.

Underlying Motives

There are a lot of motives that could lead into marriage. The most common ones are love, religious beliefs, and financial motives.

Although love between two opposite sexes still appears to be the greatest motive for marriage, it is now slowly turning into a thing of the past. Today, a lot of men are forced to marry a woman because of inevitable circumstances. One of these is pregnancy. It is one of the most common things happening in our society today. Forced marriage by far is also the number one cause of broken marriages.

Whatever motive is there behind every marriage, it is assumed that the man and the woman or partners so to speak should understand and support each other in whatever way they can.

Man’s Will Versus Sanctity of Marriage

Under the divine and natural laws, marriage, in its unadulterated sense is a union between a man and a woman with the sole purpose to procreate. It is made possible by rites unique to every culture. The rites performed, however, cannot guarantee a lifelong tie between partners. Some marriage is lasting, but some breaks even before the rites have commenced. In other words, will is still and forever will be a threat to the sanctity of marriage.

Many religious groups around the world including Muslims and Christians believe in the sanctity of marriage. It is a must for these groups that a man and a woman should be married first before living together under the same roof. As a norm for these groups, without the sanctity of marriage, the act of living together by opposite sexes, taking the life of  husband and wife, is against both moral and divine laws.

Society also plays an important role in marriage. Matrimony is supposed to be a choice. But for some, they simply cannot choose despite the presence of numerous options. This is because their marriage has already been arranged. Many cultures still hold on to this kind of practice. More often than not, this practice is done out of financial security. This completes the trinity of the purpose of marriage—procreation, love, and pride. I am not in the right position to judge, anyway.

At the End of the Day

Marriage is designed to make partners become one with each other. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. There is no such thing as half marriage or partially married for that matter. Couples who have carried on with their married life until the end are the ones who have fully understood the true essence of marriage.


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